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to support spay and neuter services!



The “I’m Pet Friendly” license plate program was established through legislation to provide funds for spay neuter programs throughout Missouri.


The Missouri State Humane Association (MoSHA) was founded to administer the license plate program by providing the public with the documents needed to secure their plates, collecting funds, working with the Department of Agriculture, and marketing the program.


MoSHA is an independent, all-volunteer, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization that is not affiliated with any humane society, shelter or government agency.


Organizations and agencies performing spay neuter services in their communities apply for grants provided by the funds collected from the “I’m Pet Friendly” license plate fees. Grant application information usually is posted in January, with applications due by the end of February. The Missouri Department of Agriculture oversees the grant process. A three-person panel reviews grant applications and awards funds.


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MoSHA - Missouri State Humane Association

PO Box 21626

St. Louis, MO 63109-0626



The Missouri State Humane Association is an

independent, all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization,

not affiliated with or funded by any animal shelter or government agency.



At least $20 of each $25 collected by MoSHA is allocated to the spay/neuter fund; because MoSHA is an all-volunteer organization and keeps expenses low, a portion of the remaining money can be allocated to the spay/neuter fund. MoSHA’s goal is to provide funds for as many spay/neuter surgeries as possible. Since its founding, MoSHA has contributed over $200,000 to spay/neuter programs in Missouri. A significant portion of these funds have been allocated to programs in rural areas with pet overpopulation problems and limited funding for spay and neuter services.


As a non-profit organization, MoSHA also accespts donations to support spay neuter grants.

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