To order your new plates online, follow these steps:


  • Use the “donate” button to send $25 (one year plate) or $50 (two year plates) to MoSHA. This must match the term of your plates.

  • MoSHA will send you by email the Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS) and an instruction letter, usually within 48 hours. 

  • Complete the Application Information section and the date.

  • Pet Friendly plates must be personalized. To check availability, click here.

  • When you receive the EUAS from MoSHA, print Department of Revenue Form 1716 (Click here for form), Fill out the form. Submit it to Jefferson City with a copy of your paid EUAS and the DOR’s $15.00 fee.

  • (Form 1716 and the associated fee are only required when you first request the plates.)

  • The DOR will notify you when your plates are ready.

  • Take the EUAS, Form 1716, and other vehicle registration paperwork to your license office.

Donate to receive new license plates

Match the term of your plates: